Touch down….. VIETNAM !!

In Pursuit of AWE !!

Vietnam …. land of the Dong!! , a country that I’ve always wanted to visit but for some reason I’ve always thought that it’s really difficult to get the visa, well …. it wasn’t, and here I am in one of the most beautiful countries on earth 🙂

1) Flight

I took an AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to ho chi Minh city, Vietnam


The cost of the ticket was RM238 (one way)

We took a bus from KL sentral to LCCT airport, the ticket cost was RM10 and it took approx 1 hour.


The flight was quite short and nice, took approx 2 hours.


And damn, Vietnam just looks so amazing, rivers and green land everywhere.


2) Here we are!!

We reached HCMC airport, the Vietnamese time zone is GMT+7 , which made it look like the flight only took 1 hour, which…

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