Why Egyptians are revolting again after 1 year of Elections?


If you are not an Egyptian, you may wonder why Egyptians are revolting after one year of electing their current president?

Should not they give him a chance to prove his abilities and give chance for the economy to boost? How would the economy progress when the country is revolting all the time?

Does not democracy mean that you should let the president continue his 4 years term and if he fails, do not elect him again?

Millions of Egyptians went into the streets yesterday (June 30) protesting against President Morsy after 1 year of being elected as the first President after Mubarak’s regime fall down. The protesters are asking Morsy to step down and call for early elections.

But Why?

Last year when the presidential elections were held, few candidates run for it where mainly Five of them stood a chance to win that elections. Four of them are from the opposition at Mubarak’s time and the last one was the last Prime Minister before Mubarak’s regime fall.

The first round of elections showed quiet similar results between the Five candidates with the Muslims Brotherhood’s candidate (Morsy) and Mubarak’s prime minister (Shafiq) ranked first and second respectively. As many Egyptians oppose Mubarak’s prime minister to be the president after a revolution against that regime, many as well do not feel comfortable voting for the Muslims Brotherhood (MB) Candidate. MB has not shown any willingness to be transparent about their financial operations and many Egyptians did not feel comfortable towards their so called “Islamist” Agenda for Egypt.

Many Egyptian (including me) decided to boycott the 2nd round as a sign of rejecting both of the candidates. My last article before this which is written in Arabic was just before the first round of elections last year where I wrote that under any circumstances I will not vote for the MB candidate. Simply because I do not trust them.

Morsy knew that he is going to lose the 2nd round of elections if he could not convince those who voted for the other candidates in the first round to vote for him instead of boycotting or directing their vote to the other candidate (Shafiq).

Morsy started going to all media channels and meeting all political parties and leaders trying to get their support. In a meeting in Fairmont Hotel in Cairo, Morsy signed on a written promises that he said he will deliver if those leaders were to support him and call their supporters to vote for him in the 2nd round.

Those promises were mainly about the way he will rule Egypt if he become the president, building a democratic regime, keeping the unity of the Egyptians, working will all political parties from all background and not following a strict MB’s agenda and finally committing to the goals of the Jan 25th Revolution.

The 2nd round came and most of the political leaders called their supporters to vote for Morsy based on the promises he agreed to deliver. In the 2nd round Morsy got 12 millions votes (comparing to 5 millions in the first round) which put him slightly ahead of the other candidate.

Morsy won the presidency and many Egyptian were relieved that Mubarak’s prime minister did not win. It was time for Morsy to start working with all the Egyptians, building a great nation together. However Morsy did choose a different way. He worked mainly with his group the Muslim Brotherhood only. He appointed a cabinet which included either independent people or others from the Muslim Brotherhood. He made a modification 3 times on the cabinet, increasing the number of the MB’s ministers every time. The same happened with appointing the mayors. He passed a new constitution for Egypt which followed a conservative Islamist agenda and does’t guarantee proper rights for the Egyptians and give chances for a new dictatorship. Most of the other parties opposed and resigned from the committee that was writing it. However Morsy still proceeded with it.

That’s beside other cases such as; whenever there will be small demonstrations against him, the Muslims Brotherhood would send their supporters to fight with them in the streets. On occasions, protesters were killed from both sides as a result of that. The worst was that Morsy ignored what the MB is doing and acted like there is no Law in the country.

Due to his bad leadership, Morsy could not control the country and it fell under many economic crises in the supplies of electricity, water and Petrol in many occasions. The prices of the food kept on increasing and Morsy just kept on asking for new loans from the western countries. Morsy looked lost and without a solution and in the same time failed to listen to the opposition and the people on appointing a new cabinet that have better solutions for the economic crisis.

Morsy also let the conservative Islamists to spread a speech of hatred against Egyptians opposing him utilizing the religion to build such speech and he did not stop that. In occasions he was present by himself and he did not act as a president of all Egyptians who should not let some conservative Islamists spread such hatred speech against millions of Egyptians.

Without going into more details, Morsy has failed miserably to listen to the Egyptians and ignored them on all ways possible. The only way to give every dictator a lesson is to force him to step down if he was too stupid to consider his people.

In Egypt, we revolted against Mubarak in order to build a country based on Freedom, Justice, Dignity and Equal opportunities for everyone. Egyptians will not accept a mediocre president anymore. The world is moving too fast around us. New technologies are being developed everyday, and if we leave a dull president for 4 years to try his miserable agenda, that will be too much time for Egypt to lose. The Economy will not stand, the people will not stand and each day you lose on the wrong direction, you are left behind years as a Nation.

A president in Egypt will succeed if he really believes in the power of his people and could communicate his ideas to them.

Note: Most of Morsy’s supporters will not agree with what is written here. But, that is the reason millions are in the streets.