The absence!!

why I am starting this blog

really .. its kinda even strange for me!!
I am not the one who likes to share whts in his mind a lot ..
It could be a change .. maybe
a difficult change .. definitely
wht brings this idea to me ..
a fact I experienced couple of days ago
a car accident I was involved in .. n I was the driver 🙂
the car went upside down ..
strangely nothing happened to me or to my sister or to my cousins who were with me .. gratefully
wht amazed me ..
in the seconds where u feel tht u may die now ..
I was always questioning wht will come to ur mind in those few seconds ..
from the tens of movies I watched or hundres of books I read .. or even just from myself .. I thought ..
u may get an image of ur whole life in front of u ..
or feel guilty for a mistake u made ..
or even cry ..
anything ..
BUT, I just felt NOTHING ..
just as time was frozen ..
I asked my sister n my cousins .. wht comes to ur mind?
they all said .. NOTHING ..
is it the case when u really dies ..
hv no answer for this question ..
another way to answer that ..
u just hv to be feelig well about ur conscience ..
a fact tht I always believed in ..
Do wht ur conscience tells u to do .. trust it ..

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