False escape :D

Day: Friday, 24Jul, 8:40p.m
Cast: Me, U3, Adham, Ahmed
Mission: to escape from the alleged H1N1 Quarantine which may be in UTP by Sat morning ..
Details: on Friday’s evening we heard that there are 9 confirmed cases of H1N1 among UTP students – we found later that this wasnt true – and also we heard that UTP administration will take its decision early in the morning whether to close UTP or not ..
We were not able to check whether those reports were confirmed or not .. the only way to make sure was like to wait till the morning ..
we knew that H1N1 wasnt so dangerous to be afraid of .. but we felt that it wont be good to be inside the Quarantine .. not able to go outside UTP 😦
we thought it would be better if we went outside UTP immediately .. spend the night somewhere outside n wait for UTP’s decision to come out in the morning .. then we can freely make our own 🙂
that, was the suggestion .. we discussed it for 10 min .. 3 of us agreed n Ahmed said No!
So, we packed our important staff quickly and took the car heading to Ipoh ..
at UTP’s gate the security were wearing masks – which they didnt do yesterday or before – also at the bus-stop besides the gate .. there were some students waiting maybe for a taxi or an auto-stop .. dun know .. but its kinda strange for UTPians to wait at the bus-stop at 9p.m .. there must be something out there .. I just thought they may be doing like wht we do .. LOL
we were in Ipoh around 10 p.m .. we found a room to stay in .. somewhere near JUSCO .. we had our dinner in Mac :))
when we went back to the room .. me n Adham slept but U3 didnt .. I always say that I can sleep for 2 dayz but U3 can woke-up those whole 2 dayz .. Iam a too lazy guy .. hehehe ;DD
Next day, around 11 a.m, I called someone in UTP’s administration n asked him about the reports I heard .. he said that there were no confirmed H1N1 infected students in UTP .. those student were just having fever n they were taken to the controlled area in V6 for 7 days .. so there is no need to worry about something :S
Oh .. come on!! we did this for nothing .. hahahahaha
But we will make it fun anyways .. we played bowling .. I got a new NIKE shoes .. U3 n Adham bought some new staff from Esprit .. U3 bought 2 large pizzas from pizza-hut cause Hossam, Moataz n Saleh were just coming from Egypt n U3 promised Moataz to do so .. lucky us 😉
it was fun anyways Guys .. that False Escape 😀

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