decisions we make ..

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throughout our life we make decisions ..

we wonder if they are right or wrong?!
would it be better if we took another decision?!
I think it is good if we are in the situation of acting according to our decisions..
it’s much better than being stuck and afraid to take any decision..
through decisions we make difference in our lives .. we learn ..
and that’s the point!! we should keep on learning .. moving ..
it’s much better to have that principle ” succeed awesomely or fail miserably”
our thinking shouldn’t stay much in between ..
that’s where we stay in our comfort zone ..
and we don’t move
I’m saying that becoz in less than an hour I’m turning 21 .. the legal age 🙂
and for that day .. I would like to say that throughout my 21 years I’m glad that I was always taking my decisions and I kept on learning from them .. I would thank my parents for giving me that opportunity to learn from my decisions .. I’m so grateful for them ..
and that experince with all the ups and downs in it .. it made me surrounded with people I would really love to see each day .. that’s the biggest blessing I have Today 🙂
and Finally, I’m too much thankful to God for never letting me down and giving me hope in every step I take .. I’m so blessed!
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