The Hakuna Matata Principle

Just in case if you don’t know what is the famous Hakona Matata Principle, I will explain briefly about it.

Hakuna matata is a Swahili phrase that is literally translated as “There are no worries”. Hakuna Matata means you should feel cool and relaxed whatever happens. Be happy and don’t care about what’s going around you. You are good. In fact you are so good to the limit you shouldn’t listen to anyone. Even if there were millions telling you the opposite. You know yourself better.

That is exactly how the presidents in the Middle East and North Africa are thinking. Let’s take the current situation in Libya for example. Libya truly is a different type of country rather than Egypt and Tunisia. The social system may favor the belonging to the tribe. And while hundreds of thousands in Libya protest against the current president Al Gaddafi (soon to be the previous), Al Gaddafi still holds to the power and claims that he will fight till the last man. While you are going to ask yourself, fighting whom exactly? Is there any colonizing power in Libya or so!! Obviously NO.

The long live President, Al Gaddafi, means he will fight his people till the last man!! Here you have the right to ask again, Does Al Gaddafi own any special forces (Black Water or so) that will defend him? Actually he is going to use the Libyans to Fight the Libyans. A clear Civil war. Leaving the possibility if the Libyan army will do something against Al Gaddafi or not for the mean time and looking at the way such Presidents think!
I am finding it hard to understand the way they think. It happened the same in Tunisia and Egypt before. While after 21 days of bloodshed, the Tunisian president finally discovered that the People don’t really want him and decided to leave. On the other side, the arrogance of the Egyptian President stopped him from admitting such fact. Till his last speech he claimed that most of the Egyptians know how good he is! On the flowing day, he was forced to leave in a way or another without any leaving speech so far. I am quite sure that the previous Egyptian President Mubarak, still believes in a way or another, that he should stayed to rule Egypt till he dies and maybe pass it to his son after that. Just that the Egyptians weren’t grown up enough to understand what is better for them.
The protests in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria and Morocco all follow the same way. The Presidents or the kings believe/Claim that they should stay because it’s for the betterment of their country.
Obviously all of them are either psychos or they have watched a lot of the animation series “Timon and Pumba” which focuses a lot on the “Hakuna Matata” Principle.

More than 100 years ago, there was a brilliant Syrian thinker who wrote a book to analyze the characteristics of a Dictator. The writer named, Abdel Rahman Al Kwakby in his explanation found that when a dictator becomes a professional liar to his people. It comes to a limit that they will start to believe themselves or in another meaning they will find it weird to say the truth or admitting it.
It will exactly become a disease, and maybe they will believe that they are the chosen ones. In either case that is an indication of the Hakuna Matata Principle.

Good thing is, People of the Middle East will get rid of those Hakuna Matata People very soon. While Egypt and Tunisia had almost completed the process, more nations to follow.
Hopefully not in the Middle East and North Africa Only.

Hakuna Matata © from my favorite animation Series “Timon & Pumba”


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