It’s part of your self-dignity

I’m sorry ..

I made a mistake and I do apologize ..
Somehow those few simple words can be tremendously difficult to be said by someone ..
I was discussing that throughout my life ..
and still confused about the fact:
why do some people find it so difficult to say “I’m sorry”?!
or in either case ..
to really mean it when they say ” I’m sorry”!!
Part of being a human .. you will do mistakes always
you can’t stop that ..
but you can control two things
1. How often will you do mistakes
part of that determined by how you can control your temper ..
2. Are you going to correct those mistakes or just leave them for time to handle ..
thats why I think that someone shouldn’t be frightened of doing mistakes ..
but instead giving more care for correcting those mistakes ..
it doesn’t mean that you will be happy doing mistakes ..
but dun let mistakes make you collapse ..
So, if it was something like nature in us ..
why are we afraid to admit it?!
I used to question those who feel they can’t say “I’m sorry” ..
they either preferred to keep silent or they said apologizing would humiliate their dignity and destroy the image they are keeping for themselves ..
I wonder whether that its an image of a God or what?! :S
the saying that apologizing would humiliate their dignity is actually a condolence ..
when I asked them how they feel if someone apologized for them for doing a mistake .. How would they feel then towards this person?
Most of the times .. they said, that they would keep full respect for this person for doing that
Just the few how have sick way of thinking who said they would trifle with them ..
leaving the sick people away ..
it’s clear that the reason of humiliating once dignity is actually and totally unjustified ..
that’s why I say
Apologizing is an essential part of your self-dignity .

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