beautiful from inside ..

I was always extremely enjoying the times when I meet people who are really beautiful from inside ..

this weekend I experienced that more than a time ..
I’ll just tell the story of one of them .. leaving the others to develop more 🙂
Yesterday, I went with some of my friends for a visit to the Orphans’ house in Gopeng, Perak
the visit was amazingly indescribable ..
although it was really a simple visit ..
but spending time with those beautiful kids .. wow .. a heart melting feeling
and what was really more amazing .. is meeting the responsible on that house ..
a real beautiful heart, he have ..
he gave all his time for this house ..
and when someone called him Mr.Gamal .. he said ” call me the orphans’ servant”
how sweet ..
and how humble he is ..
a real sacrifice he is making ..
a sacrifice that will never exist unless you really have a beautiful and a pure heart
Mr.Gamal “the orphans’ servant” .. It was really a pleasure for me to meet someone like you ..
what an honour to be called as ” the orphans’ servant ” ..

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