CHEngineers Gatherings Committee and other staff ..

I can consider myself now in the mid-sem break since I just have finished my Physical Chemistry lab report
although this morning I still have 3 last lectures .. but if I go I wont give much attention anyway ..
I m already in the holiday mode 🙂
yesterday I had my Bahasa test and honestly I can consider it as my second worst test in UTP so far ..
after the Chemistry test2 in foundation 2nd sem ..
But still I m not feeling sad or disappointed in any way ..
dun ask why ..
I already told myself that this this subject is not for me ..
So, I really dun care ..
I m not in the mood of learning a new language this year .. unless it was Spanish or continue studying French ..

Yesterday morning our chemical class organised their first gathering ..
the idea was simple ..
as we are in Ramadhan we thought that we can make the gathering at the sahor time 4 a.m 😀
maybe around half of the class attended that “thats good” ..”
I cooked some kind of Egyptian food .. and yeah .. My C.mates said it was good ” thank you :)”
we had a good time introducing each other
yea it was good as a start .. for the CHEngineers Gatherings Committee
which I m honoured to be a member in it ..
and I would like to thank all the committee members for giving some of their time for this idea 🙂

Thank you, WanLin, Molly,Chiang Jinn, Jeda, Jaja, Nur Eliana, Nabil, Kumar, Akram and Anti
you were all awsome by the help and time you offered 🙂

WanLin photos (^_^)


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