People who can understand and forgive

These dayz .. its quiet hard to find a friend who can really understand ..
a friend who is not waiting for you to do a mistake ,,
then you will find out the real him ..

Im always saying that you will never know who is your real friends unless you experience a difficult time with them ,,
before that ,, everyone or almost everyone is good actually ..

in the difficult times .. a real friend will be the only one who walks in while all others are walking out ..

a friend who will be able to forgive when he understands you ..
because ,,
he should know everything about you and still like what you are ..

Im saying that not because Im experiencing something similar ..
Lucky me ..
I have those type of really real friends .. where I’ll never find like them ..
Im saying that .. because I see it a lot in front of me ..
People who are dying to find a mistake for their friends ..
and in a matter of seconds ..
he will turn from a dear friend to almost an enemy ..
who will just forget everything good about you ..

Im quiet amazed of those people ..
how can they find the real happiness in their friendship if they are like that ..
will they ever feel a permenant peace inside, towards their friendship??
or its just a temproary case ..

you have to ask yourself that question ..
do you ever get bored when you are together?!

because for those who are really a treasure for you ,,
just spending the time with them is a pleasure in itself ..
whatever you were doing during this time ..
doesnt matter really much ..

if you got this feeling ..
Just HOLD it ..
Never LET GO ..

A real friend is a real treasure ..


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