Intense Experiences ..

People learn through life ..
people discover the real beauty in their way ..
if you didn’t move a lot .. if you didn’t see many things
then there is still much beauty hidden from your eyes ..
and when you go through an intense experience ..
really an intense one ..
although it may seems to be difficult to pass through or to really understand ..
especially at its beginning ..
it’s actually the real joy of life ..
where you can feel the real beauty ..

simple minded people – if that was the right term – usually just go through quick experiences ..
either bad or good one ..
but it’s always simple and quick ..

but I say ..
if you never go through an intense and difficult experience ..
then you never really lived ..
then you will never find the real beauty ..
real beauty will always show you .. how difficult is it to obtain
that’s part of its beauty ..

dedicated to the real beauty


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