what’s wrong with the human thinking these days?!

I always believed that in a world with different cultures holding the complete rightness in an issue is actually subjective ..

Does that mean that we will stop in believing in what is right and what is wrong? Actually, No

you will still keep your own beliefs and own judgments on your life. but when it comes to others’ life, it should be more about integration and respecting others beliefs and judgments for their own life. that means that you will still hold all the love and care for them despite your differences in judging things, and why so? simply because you are Both Humans. that’s the most important thing that unites us all. We are All created from the same source. Other things are not actually more than someone who is supporting ManU and another supporting Arsenal in terms of keeping the humanity in both of us. – I know that kind of example wont be liked by some, but it’s actually the truth if we just broadened our mind a little bit. Someone who have a different belief than you is still simply keeping his humanity. A thing sometimes our acts show that we tend to forget.-

I’m saying that now because in a time the world was just celebrating the Christmas and a starting of a new decade. there are some happenings that I’m finding it’s hard to accept why is it happening?! that includes terror attack in US, clashes between Muslims and Christians in the middle east and finally the issue in Malaysia about using the word “Allah” by non-muslims. Unfortunately, those three incidents Muslims individuals – not because of the Islamic thinking but just because of stupidity- are causing it. I am even more mad than any christian for what is happening.

I was discussing with different people from the middle-east about those clashes and actually I cant find a reason for why this is happening. I know for sure not the Islamic thinking or the Christian thinking would allow this to happen. I’m sure that neither Jesus Christ nor Prophet Mohamed (P.B.U.H) would approve that to happen ever. Both had a message of love, peace and positive integration for the whole world not just in between them. It’s a simple fact that any one who will know both religions would simply approve. then how come such clashes could ever happen?!

I say for the middle-east as Muslims are forming the majority, they have the responsibility to build a strong trust relationship with Christians and other beliefs. Muslims should take the first steps to build the positive integration and love relationship with Christians. Some was complaining that Christains do not participate in public life that much especially in politics. I say, you should positively encourage them to do so. not to mention it is part of the non-democratic period the middle-east is going through in general. but we as Egyptians or Lebanese or Iraqi or whatever despite our beliefs should participate in the struggle to achieve what a human really deserves in the middle-east.

The other issue of a Malaysian court ruled that a Christan newspaper is allowed to use the word “Allah” in its Malay edition to refer to “GOD”. for those who don’t catch, the word “Allah” means “GOD” in Arabic and its used by Muslims all over the world to refer to “GOD”. So far, I cant see where is the problem?! does anyone can refer me to the wrong thing here?! another confusing issue!! the Malaysian government has appealed against the court ruling and some Muslims seem to be annoyed of the court’s ruling that some attacks happened on some Malaysian churches in the past few days.
I have been living in Malaysia for two years now and still have years to go. Simply I like the place. I find the Malaysian in general are more open minded to accept differences in race and cultures much more than other places. its kinda the nature when you grow up in a place where different cultures and races live together and I like that. I am spending a break in Egypt now and I remember when I first heard the news from my Dad’s friend here in Egypt 3 days ago. He said, did you hear about the attacks on the churches in Malaysia? I said: You sure, its Malaysia, such things don’t happen there usually, I know Malaysian are more open to do such things. He said: No, its there in MY. I said: its strange to happen in MY. Later when I went back home, I was referring to the news I have to admit. I’m finding its hard to understand why such a court ruling should be annoying to Muslims. the word “Allah” is already being used by Christians in all the Arab world and almost any place in the world it is allowed to be used. Actually, something my mind accept is, why we should go to a court from the beginning to ask for using a word to use it to refer to “GOD”?! that doesn’t simply make sense. I should be able to refer to GOD with the name I see its proper to do so with and no one should interrupt that right. It’s simply every one’s belief.

I simply know that those kinda of attacks in MY or clashes in the middle-east don’t simply represent any reasonable Islamic thinking or even represent any Muslim not in MY or the middle-east. Muslims should be the first who stand against those kind of silly actions that is totally insulting for our humanity.


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